Hold Me Tight® is a two-day workshop based in the principles of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, originated by Dr. Sue Johnson. It is created for couples struggling with communication, intimacy, and security. This workshop is held in Reno, Nevada to help couples heal broken bonds and create a more secure, intimate, joyful relationship.

Helping Couples Communicate in a Way That Deepens Their Connection

In this 2-day retreat, we focus on helping you as a couple learn about the patterns that keep you from connecting with each other. We offer you understanding of the new science of love and how it applies directly to your relationship. We help you learn and have the experience of moving closer together for deeper emotional intimacy, and we support you in repairing hurt and damaged bonds.

  • Understand How Your Inner Dialogue Affects Your Connection to Your Partner
  • Heal and Repair Old Relationship Hurts and Arguments
  • Learn New Ways to Communicate Your Feelings, Hurts, and Needs, Longings
  • Discover Deepening Your Emotional and Physical Intimacy


Who is a HMT Workshop For?

Pre-Marital Couples

Newlywed Couples

Married Couples That Want to Make Their Marriage Work

Couples of All Races, Genders, and Sexual Orientations

This Workshop is Not Appropriate for:

Couples Who Have Recent Trauma with Infidelity

Couples Where There is Physical Abuse

Couples Where One or Both Partners Have Significant Mental Health Distress (Severe Depression/Bipolar) That is Unregulated and/or Untreated

"This was such a powerful program for us, and all we needed to get back on track. Loved the warm, knowledgeable facilitator team too!" E.A. and R.A., So. Reno

What to Expect When Attending this Workshop

This retreat is for couples that have struggled for years to be close, as well as couples who just want to enhance their relationship and deepen their intimacy.

This workshop will include:

Video presentations of sessions with couples

Demonstrations of the principles of EFT

Exercises to help you have real and important conversations with your partner that enhance your awareness of each other's emotional experience and create an intimate connection

Support from trained EFT therapists during practice exercises

A Hold Me Tight® workbook with information and homework exercises to take with you and practice later

Frequently Asked Questions About the Hold Me Tight® Marriage Workshop

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