Connection Help for Families with Teens

If you are raising a teen child you're familiar with something like this, "I need to feel understood...I need you to hear me (BUT DON'T EXPECT ME TALK!)"  My dear friends, Dr's Paul and Nancy Aikin have co-developed a beautiful, rich program to help families with teens.  It's called, "Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go."  It features a series of...[ read more ]

Perspectives on Depression

This short video introduces varied perspectives on causes and management of depression.  Depression can be profoundly painful and should be assessed and treated professionally when symptoms feel unmanageable.  There is a synergy between the views in this video but one resonated with my own experience: social factors like isolation, rejection, exclusion, feelings of not measuring up, etc will evoke a...[ read more ]

2020-21 Emotional Wellness Programs for Teams

The Emotional Wellness Program is an education and interactive process program designed to normalize the importance of emotion in strengthening and repairing teammate relationships within an organization. Notes, links and curated list of YouTube videos will be made available.  

Hear EFT Pioneer, Dr. Sue Johnson on creating, protecting and nourishing relationship

EFT Therapist and Trainer, George Faller, LMFT, 9/11 Remembrance Video

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