Marriage Counseling in Reno, NV

Expert Guidance for Married and Engaged Couples

If you're searching for "marriage counseling in Reno," our EFT therapists in Reno can help. We have specialized training in guiding clients through the type of relationship struggles that can be frustrating and exhausting. Our goal is to help you rediscover your marriage's rhythm. Our therapists are adept at navigating the emotional intricacies of marriage, and committed to helping you reconnect with your spouse.

Additionally, we provide tools for individuals to foster healthy, fulfilling relationships. This service, which can essentially be thought of as "couples therapy for one," is ideal for those not in a relationship but preparing for future partnerships.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Marriage Therapy

What is emotionally focused marriage therapy?

When we engage in fights with our partners, we often fall into repetitive arguments. These arguments form a recognizable pattern, regardless of the changing topics. Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) can assist in identifying and understanding this pattern as a manifestation of unmet emotional needs. It teaches how to interrupt this cycle and engage in meaningful conversations that connect us. Pre-married and engaged couples particularly stand to gain by recognizing their vulnerabilities to these patterns. They can acquire skills essential for turning towards each other, fostering connections instead of disconnections.

EFT, a method validated by research, interprets couple disagreements as stemming from insecure attachments, which essentially represent a discomfort with vulnerability. This discomfort manifests as difficulty in expressing concerns, fears, and desires. Through EFT, clients learn to acknowledge, embrace, and transform negative emotions and behavioral patterns into positive, bonding interactions. This approach is particularly beneficial for couples trapped in a cycle of conflict leading to mutual distance.

A key objective of EFT is to establish a secure emotional bond with your partner, where you feel comforted by their presence and assured they value your needs. Achieving this bond means moving from reacting based on emotions to making decisions that promote empathetic communication.

Becoming aware of our emotions, regulating them, and converting them into caring interactions enhances our emotional intelligence, fosters understanding, and strengthens the security within our relationships.

 Get your marriage back on track:

  • Healthy Discussions about Unresolved Issues: Small conflicts and hurt feelings that aren't adequately addressed can accumulate, leading to resentment and growing distance. Our marriage counselors in Reno have the expertise to work through these issues with you.
  • Transform Negative Cycles: Change the destructive communication patterns or conflict styles become entrenched over time, making it harder to have productive conversations and resolve differences. This is the essence of the attachment-based, EFT marriage counseling work we do.
  • Restore Focus on the Relationship: Daily life and responsibilities can become the primary focus, leading to a neglect of the relationship itself. Couples forget to nurture the connection that's the foundation. Working with our therapists is a primary way to put your relationship first.

Marriage Therapy and EFT innovator, Dr. Sue Johnson describes warning signs that a relationship is in trouble and what can be done to prevent it from falling apart.

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