Betrayals and Other Violations of Trust

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Introduction to Healing from Affairs Podcast

Seeking healing from an affair is a complex and emotionally taxing journey, often serving as a catalyst for couples to seek counseling. The experience of betrayal, particularly through an affair, can deeply shake the foundations of a relationship, leaving individuals feeling a mix of shock, confusion, and a desperate need to find stable ground again. EFT Supervisor Kelly Bourque, LMFT, brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to this sensitive topic. She shares her extensive experience in helping couples navigate the tumultuous path of healing from an affair, emphasizing the importance of rebuilding trust and fostering a renewed sense of safety in the relationship.

The hosts of That Relationship Show Podcast recently focused on this topic in an episode featuring EFT therapist Kelly Bourque, LMFT. Drawing on Dr. Leanne Campbell’s definition of trauma as “something that would overwhelm anyone’s resources,” they delve into the concept of Betrayal Trauma. This framework is particularly relevant in understanding the profound trauma response triggered when trust is broken by an affair. The podcast explores how our coping mechanisms can be completely overwhelmed in such situations. Herein, underscoring the intense need for individuals to re-establish what is real and safe in their world. This episode is a treasure trove of insights. It offers listeners not only an understanding of the psychological impact of affairs but also practical advice for those embarking on the journey of healing from an affair. It’s a resource that provides both clarity and comfort to those whose world has been turned upside down by betrayal. In doing so, highlighting the possibility of recovery and the rekindling of trust in a relationship that has been deeply wounded.

Get Relationship Counseling Near You for Affair Recovery

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