A Weekend Dedicated to the Two of You and Your Connection!

1. Understand Love and Attachment   2. Identify Negative Interaction Cycles    3. Stop These Cycles!   4. Heal Injuries   

5. Discover the Type of Relationship Being Accessible, Responsive and Emotionally Engaged Can Bring 

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Couple's Conversations that Deepen Connection: The Essence of Hold Me Tight® Weekends

Hold Me Tight® weekends, renowned as some of the best couple's retreats globally, offer a transformative experience for couples seeking to enhance their relationships. During these welcoming 2+ day retreats, you'll engage in guided conversations designed to uncover and address the patterns that may be hindering your connection.

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Our workshops offer insights based on the latest scientific understanding of love and its impact on relationships. Participants engage in a series of structured interactions, learning to navigate complex emotions and build deeper emotional intimacy with their partners. The best couple's retreats transcend mere learning; they're about experiencing real change in the way you and your partner understand and relate to each other.

Fostering Understanding and Empathy: Couple's Conversations that Deepen Connection

Conversations in relationships go beyond mere words; they're fundamentally about understanding and empathy. In this session, you'll discover how to engage in conversations that address not just surface issues but also the deeper emotional undercurrents. Understanding how your inner dialogue influences your perception and reaction to your partner is key to fostering a more empathetic and connected relationship. Exercises designed to encourage engaged listening and emotionally-attuned responses are integral here, transforming everyday interactions into opportunities for deeper connection and understanding.

Rebuilding Trust and Intimacy: The Best Couple's Retreats- Conversations in Healing

Unresolved hurts and arguments often erode trust and intimacy, the cornerstones of a strong relationship. This segment focuses on the power of couple's conversations in healing old wounds. Guided discussions and therapeutic techniques are employed to help couples express hurt and seek forgiveness in a manner that rebuilds trust. We create a safe space for partners to voice their vulnerabilities and collaboratively work towards healing, thereby reestablishing deeper emotional and physical intimacy.

Enhancing Emotional Literacy: Communicating in Couple's Conversations that Deepen Connection

Effective communication entails more than just talking; it involves expressing the full spectrum of your feelings, needs, and longings. Emphasizing the importance of emotional literacy in couple's conversations, this session introduces new, more effective ways to communicate. Both partners learn to articulate their feelings and needs clearly and compassionately, fostering a deeper understanding and connection.

Intimacy Beyond Words: The Impact of Couple's Conversations on Emotional and Physical Closeness

In the final part of our retreat, we explore how couple's conversations can significantly enhance both emotional and physical intimacy. Open, honest, and vulnerable communication leads to a deeper sense of closeness. By learning to express and respond to each other's deepest emotions and desires, couples experience a more fulfilling and intimate connection. This session demonstrates how effective communication not only enriches the emotional bond but also translates into a more satisfying physical relationship.

What to Expect When Attending this Workshop

Couples who have struggled to be close for some time, as well as those who simply wish to enhance their relationship and deepen their intimacy, should consider joining this retreat. Couple's worldwide have called this the best couple's retreat they've experienced.

This workshop will provide:

  • Video presentations featuring sessions with couples
  • Demonstrations illustrating the principles of EFT
  • Exercises designed to enable you to engage in real and meaningful conversations with your partner, thus enriching your awareness of each other's emotional experiences and fostering an intimate connection
  • Assistance from trained EFT therapists during practice exercises
  • A Hold Me Tight® workbook filled with valuable information and homework exercises that you can take with you to practice later.

Who is a HMT Workshop For?

The Couple Who Want to Deepen Connection

Premarital Couples

Newlywed Couples

Married Couples That Want to Make Their Marriage a More Connected, Harmonious Safe-Haven

Couples of All Races, Genders, Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation

This Workshop is Not Appropriate for:

Couples Who Have Recent Trauma with Infidelity

Couples Where One or Both Partners have Substance Use patterns that interfere with clear communication and require separate treatment.

Couples Where There is Physical Abuse

Couples Where One or Both Partners Have Significant Mental Health Distress (Severe Depression/Bipolar) That is Unregulated and/or Untreated

"This was such a powerful program for us, and all we needed to get back on track. Loved the warm, knowledgeable facilitator team too!" E.A. and R.A., So. Reno

Frequently Asked Questions About the Hold Me Tight® Marriage Workshop

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