Therapy in Reno, for Individuals

woman reflecting after participation in individual therapy for depression and anxiety in Reno, NV

Your Path to Connected and Meaningful Living: Individual Therapy in Reno, NV

Therapy for Depression, Anxiety and Trauma from an Attachment Perspective

In-person or online, telehealth therapy for depression and anxiety with our therapists guides you through individual psychotherapy sessions anchored in an attachment-based approach:

  • clarifies attachment patterns and their influence on your experiences.
  • recognizes the impact early bonds have in how we see ourselves and important others.
  • helps you in developing a secure attachment style, laying the groundwork for more fulfilling relationships.
  • research-backed approach for addressing mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.

A Very Brief Overview of Attachment

Attachment theory centers around the significant role that emotional bonds with significant others have in shaping our personality and well-being. Attachment theory is in part a theory about belonging. It speaks to how our primary survival strategy is being wired for emotional connection with important others. Really, of having security in the sense of being valued, and in knowing others being there for us. Literally, that we'll matter to the people we count on the most.

These are profoundly important factors in emotional and relational well-being!

When this sense of secure connection isn't solid we have to compensate. Thereby, "hyper-activating" or "deactivating" the signals we send about unmet connection needs. As you might expect, this often affects our experience in close relationships. Consequently, it can affect our sense of hopefulness (a hallmark of depression is hopelessness). Similarly, this might also affect our sense of trust and calm (non anxiety states). Attachment theory tells us who we are and gives us a clear map to our deepest human longings, needs, and fears. This attachment map helps our therapists understand where to focus, how to tune in to the client’s world, and how to lead the client through vulnerability to a safe haven of competence and confidence.

The Attachment-Based Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) We Do

We take varied approaches. That said, Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT), a therapy service in Reno, NV is primary.

  • EFIT is grounded first in attachment theory, arguably the most extensively researched science-based theory of personality, growth, and relationships.
  • This individual therapy, based on the principles of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT), is designed to assist those dealing with emotional distress, relationship problems, or issues like trauma that are related to attachment security.
  • Importantly, EFIT is a focused approach and zeroes in on helping you identify and express emotions.
  • In the process, you gain insights into relationship patterns and needs, with the aim to build stronger emotional connections with important people in your life.
  • In EFIT, our therapists work closely with you to delve into your emotional experiences, attachment patterns, and strategies to build secure and satisfying relationships. By taking a close look at your emotional history, current relationships, and emotional expression and regulation, EFIT identifies potential areas for growth and change. As a result, goals and interests that seemed out of reach come into view again. The primary goal is to enhance emotional awareness and resilience, fostering better relationships with yourself and others.

Our Reno, NV, therapists are trained in EFIT, ready to provide you with compassionate care. We will help you navigate your emotional world, heal attachment wounds, and cultivate healthy relationships.


EFIT Expert Trainer, Ali Barbosa conducts an attachment-based therapy training in Reno, NV
Cornelius with EFIT expert Ali Barbosa
during Ali's Reno training visit

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