Hillary Harris is a clinical intern and therapist in Reno, NV with Relationship Counseling Associates

Hillary Harris, M.A.

Meet Hillary Harris

Hi, I’m Hillary Harris, a pre-licensed therapist in Reno, awaiting approval from the State Board of Examiners to begin my clinical work. Soon, I’ll join Emotional & Relationship Health Counseling Associates as a Clinical Professional Counselor Intern. You can reach out now to inquire about scheduling a session.

Research consistently shows that a strong therapeutic relationship, also called the therapeutic alliance, is vital for successful treatment. My goal is to create a supportive and collaborative environment where we can build emotional and relationship resilience. Using my specialized training, I help clients identify and disrupt negative cycles to foster lasting change. I’m passionate about working with couples, first responders, military personnel, those experiencing relationship loss, and individuals with PTSD.

My military experience gives me insight into the unique challenges of high-stress jobs with chronic exposure to intense content. Additionally, for those interested, I am also comfortable incorporating Christian faith-based principles to support the client’s personal values and belief.

At Emotional and Relationship Health Counseling Associates, our team provides attentive and personalized support. If you’re searching for a therapist in Reno, call us. We can discuss our approach and see if we’re the right fit. We offer a free consultation.

Soon, I will be accepting new clients. My standard session fee is $125. Our team is here to help you navigate your challenges and support your healing and growth. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. This is your first step towards improving your emotional and relationship health. I look forward to supporting you on the path of self-awareness, self-acceptance, joy, and meaning.