Should we do premarital counseling?

premarital counseling in Reno, NV

Your relationship holds wonderful promise for a lifelong responsive connection. Yet, you find yourselves trapped in frequent, seemingly trivial arguments. This trend can be both worrisome and somewhat frightening, casting a shadow over the bright hope that defines you as a couple. But remember, you are not alone. The right premarital counseling can offer a lifeline. Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) stands as a valuable, short-term investment for your future, and we offer this type of premarital counseling in Reno, NV.

Established by Dr. Sue Johnson, EFT operates firmly on the foundations of attachment theory. This theory suggests that humans naturally seek to establish potent emotional bonds with others. EFT interprets relationship distress as a reaction to perceived threats to these essential connections.

In essence, when couples clash over various issues – whether finances, jealousy, or intimacy – these conflicts often originate from a protest against a perceived disconnect. This happens when we feel our partner is not available or attuned to our fundamental needs for support and closeness, resulting in distress and potentially leading to feelings of anxiety, numbness, or estrangement.

EFT strives to pinpoint and break the negative interaction cycles that prevent true connection. It aids in establishing a fresh cycle of interaction where both partners are seen as available and responsive. This renewed, stable attachment fosters not only effective communication but also cultivates adaptability in problem-solving, even during conflicts. Call us to learn more about EFT premarital counseling in Reno.

Counseling Help for Families with Teens

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If you are raising a teen child you’re familiar with something like this, “I need to feel understood…I need you to hear me (BUT DON’T EXPECT ME TALK!)”  My dear friends, Drs. Paul, and Nancy Aikin have co-developed a beautiful, rich program to help families with teens.  It’s called, “Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go.”  It features a series of facilitated conversations to help get past parent/caregiver blocks to hearing their kid.  This helps teens open up and can sometime be all a family needs. In other cases it’s a great adjunct to family therapy where the goal is counseling for teens.

Paul and Nancy appeared on the “That Relationship Show” podcast recently. You can learn more about family workshops here,

Perspectives on Depression

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This short video introduces varied perspectives on the causes and management of depression, or therapy for depression.  Depression can be profoundly painful and should be assessed and treated professionally when symptoms feel unmanageable.  There is a synergy between the views in this video but one resonated with my own experience: social factors like isolation, rejection, exclusion, feelings of not measuring up, etc will evoke a depressed mood regardless of what else is happening. This is consistent with an attachment view of emotion regulation where a secure connection enhances our ability to reflect on what we’re experiencing rather than becoming overwhelmed by it. This attachment view is at the core of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, Individuals, and Families. #emotionallyfocusedtherapy #drsuejohnson