Therapy Chat

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, Psychotherapist, Burnout Prevention Consultant, and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator interviews guests to discuss holistic and alternative approaches used in psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, and healing sessions. Be a fly on the wall as therapists discuss the practice of psychotherapy and how they implement self-care into their own lives to prevent therapist burnout. Conversations about mindfulness, self-compassion, The Daring Way™, EMDR, art therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, other somatic methods, trauma, parenting, attachment will get you thinking deeply about therapy and the universal experience of being human, with all the joy and pain that entails.

Foreplay RST

This podcast features our EFT colleagues and friends: nationally-acclaimed sex therapist, author, and blogger, co-host Laurie Watson, PhD, LMFT talking with co-host George Faller, LMFT – global leader in couples therapy, author, and supervisor & trainer in Emotionally Focused Therapy about the vital topics of sexuality, marriage, eroticism, and committed partnership. With decades of counseling experience for each of them, these two internationally-known therapists bring you concrete tools for your relationship.

Iconic Emotionally Focused Therapy Developer, Dr. Sue Johnson — How to Improve Sex and Crack the Code of Love

In this compelling podcast episode, Tim Ferriss interviews Dr. Sue Johnson, an acclaimed expert in emotionally focused therapy for improved sex and the developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Dr. Johnson, renowned for her innovative contributions to psychology, delves into how this therapy enhances emotional connections and intimacy in relationships.

Emotionally Focused Therapy, a brainchild of Dr. Johnson, has transformed our understanding of emotional bonds and their role in relationships. This conversation focuses on the key principles of EFT and its significant impact on improving relationship dynamics, especially in the context of emotionally focused therapy for improved sex. Dr. Johnson elucidates how focusing on emotional connections can profoundly enhance intimacy and sexual relationships.

In their engaging dialogue, Dr. Johnson and Tim Ferriss explore the complex nature of love and how understanding emotional patterns can lead to more fulfilling relationships. Dr. Johnson provides actionable insights on how couples can utilize emotionally focused therapy for improved sex to deepen their connection, emphasizing the necessity of emotional safety for a rewarding sexual experience.

Listeners will gain invaluable insights into navigating modern relationship challenges, learning strategies to cultivate deeper connections. The discussion also covers how vulnerability plays a crucial role in strengthening intimacy and overcoming obstacles to a satisfying sexual life.

This podcast is not just beneficial for couples but also for individuals seeking to understand the nuances of human emotions and connections better. Dr. Johnson’s expertise, coupled with Tim Ferriss’s engaging interview approach, offers a captivating and informative listening experience.

Tune into this fascinating podcast to explore the transformative power of Emotionally Focused Therapy in cracking the code of love and significantly enhancing sexual intimacy through emotional understanding and connection.