Should We Do Relationship Counseling Now?

Should We Do Relationship Counseling Now? Some signs that it might be time.

There is a lot of high quality self-help available for distressed relationships. However, some of the difficult issues people in relationship face benefit most by professional help. The question, “should we do relationship counseling now?” comes up and isn’t always easy to answer. In this blog post, I explore seven key indicators that might suggest your relationship is facing challenges. Identifying these red flags early and getting effective relationship counseling can be the first step toward healing and rejuvenating your connection.

Growing a relationship is one of the most fulfilling aspects of life. It is a beautiful journey, but not without its fair share of peaks and valleys. While it’s normal for relationships to encounter rough patches, it’s crucial to recognize the warning signs when things take a downturn.

7 Signs Your Relationship May Be in Trouble

1. Diminished Priority on Quality Time Together

In the early stages of a relationship, the thrill of spending quality time together is often incomparable. However, if you find yourselves gradually drifting apart due to other commitments or distractions, it’s worth taking a closer look at the health of your relationship. To be clear, life has a way of keeping us busy, but a consistent decline in the time spent together could be an indication of fading interest in nurturing your bond. That said, it’s crucial to differentiate between evolving priorities and emotional detachment.

2. Communication Becomes Stagnant or Scarce

Effective communication is the lifeblood of a thriving relationship. When your conversations start feeling repetitive, mundane, or infrequent, it may be a sign of diminishing emotional intimacy and connection.

3. Negative and Minimal Communication

Meaningful communication should uplift and strengthen your relationship. If your interactions are marred by negativity, frequent arguments, or criticism, it can slowly erode the trust and harmony in your partnership.

4. Conflict Breeds Resentment Instead of Resolution

Every relationship experiences conflicts, but they should serve as opportunities for growth and resolution. When disagreements persist without resolution and lead to lingering resentment, it’s an indicator of deeper issues within your relationship.

5. One Partner Voices Concerns

Often, one partner may sense trouble in the relationship before the other. If your partner expresses concerns or dissatisfaction, it’s crucial to take their feelings seriously and initiate an open and honest conversation. This is another factor in answering, “should we do relationship counseling now?”

6. One Partner Shows Reluctance to Listen

Effective communication involves active listening from both partners. When one partner consistently dismisses the other’s thoughts and feelings without a willingness to engage, it can lead to frustration and emotional distance.

7. Criticism of Differences Instead of Embracing Them

Our unique qualities and quirks are what make us individuals. When these differences are met with criticism rather than celebration, it can poison the atmosphere in your relationship. There are reasons this begins to happen in relationship and a well-trained, attachment focused therapist can help you understand and overcome.


Healthy relationships require nurturing, communication, and mutual effort. Determining when it is time to seek relationship counseling isn’t always easy. Recognizing these warning signs that your relationship might be encountering challenges is the first step toward addressing any underlying issues and rekindling the flame of love. If you identify with any of these signs, consider seeking professional guidance and at the least, engaging in a sincere conversation with your partner about your concerns. Relationship counseling like EFT can get you back on the path of connection. Remember, with dedication and mutual support, many relationships can overcome obstacles and emerge stronger than ever before.